With more seniors and aging parents choosing to remain at home, it has become increasingly challenging for caretakers to manage their complex medication regimens.

Our on-call Pharma-MED pharmacist can help.

Patient Services Offered

When you enroll in our Chronic Care Medication Program we will:

  • Perform your complete medication review

  • Conduct medication reconciliation after hospital discharge

  • Examine new drug regimen for drug-drug interaction/ drug-food interaction

  • Serve as a liaison between your caretaker and healthcare providers

  • Locate network pharmacies to personalize and deliver your medication

  • Download our free podcast for caretakers

  • Conduct secure video conferencing quarterly

  • Offer on demand medication telephone consultation

  • Prepare personalized talking points for primary care visits


It’s easy to sign up. Please use the form below to sign up or inquire about our Chronic Care Medication Therapy Management program.