Enhance the personalization and convenience of your practice by partnering with Pharma-Med to cater to your patients today. We offer the Pharma-MED Concierge Pharmacist program or our Pharmacy Network Program . Both programs are geared towards combating polypharmacy while offering personalized medication treatment to your patient.


Concierge Services Offered

Pharma-MED Concierge Pharmacist

Pharma-MED will add to your team a consultant pharmacist to bridge the gap between provider and patient to further foster the continuum of care.

Using a secured messaging and omni calling system your patient will enjoy the ease of having direct access to the pharmacist out of the office on their mobile app anywhere in the world with concerns about their medication regimen. Thus, allowing you to delegate your time more effectively.

With the option to enroll in our Concierge Pharmacist program our pharmacist will perform medication reconciliation quicker after hospitalization, personalized medication therapy management.

Pharma-MED Network Pharmacy

By partnering with one or more of our network pharmacies your patients will not only receive free medication customization but free same day/next day delivery right to their doorstep.

Your patients will no more have to spend hours waiting in line at a big box chain or wait for weeks on mail order pharmacy.