What We Do

Increase physicians reimbursement value and drive up revenue through:

– Pharmacist-led clinical programs at point of care to satisfy MIPS and HEDIS measures

– Implementation of pharmacist/physician co-visit model to increase daily patient visits

Improve medication adherence and reduce hospital re-admission of chronically ill patients through:

– Personalize medication management services

The Value We Bring To Your Team

What Our Clients Say

What Our Clients Are Saying


As an extension of the care team  your Pharma-MED pharmacist bridges the gap between patient and provider by building strong patient relationship through medication consultation and education.

“My 82 years old mom was taking 16 different medications from 3 different physicians; but today thanks to her Pharma-Med consultant pharmacist, 3 months after enrolling she is now taking only 7 of these medications. She sleeps all through the night, no longer on pain medication and is now more motivated to doing the things we had love to do before she fell so sick!”

Sandra T.

“Since we added a Pharma-MED pharmacist to our team, we are now able to spend more time with our more complex patients without sacrificing patient care. We are now able to bill for services like Chronic Care Management services and Transitional Care Management services generating additional revenue. What is more rewarding, is our patients are now looking forward to visit with the pharmacist!”

Dr. Smith

“Before our partnership with Pharma-Med our Certified Nursing Assistants were spending most of their time either on the phone with the pharmacy trying to figure out what medication was discontinued or not; or wasting time driving to several different providers offices to address medication errors. Now, we can call our dedicated pharmacist consultant who does in-home visits to set up all medications, review our MAR’s, staff training, and even fill medication dispensing systems. Our ER visits has decreased significantly, and our clients are living much healthier at home.”

Brenda J.


Who We Serve


As a healthcare provider you want to improve quality of care of your patients, reduce cost while increasing reimbursement. A Pharma-MED pharmacist is your solution.

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With more seniors and aging parents choosing to remain at home, it has been increasingly challenging for caretakers to manage their complex medication regimen. Our on-call Pharma-MED pharmacist can help.

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Concierge Medical Practitioners

Differentiate your practice from other practices by offering your patients the convenience of a Pharma-MED Concierge Pharmacy program specifically tailored for them.

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Pharma-MED Consulting

Our mission is to improve healthcare one patient at a time.

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